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Another holiday approaches, which provides another excuse to post a classic WHOT AM and FM broadcast, this time from Labor Day 1986. It's a jam-packed, multi-hour affair (as most holiday broadcasts were), and we have about seven-and-a-half hours presented here for your listening pleasure. Since we're wrapping up a Beatles and Monkees weekend, there's plenty of selections from both for the entire east coast, plus you'll get to enjoy a Brooklyn Station reenactment of a standard Ben Casey episode, a visit from WFUN's Neil and Joe (who just happened to be rebroadcasting The Hot One that night as well), regular telethon check-ins, and Hank's frantic attempts at getting Tony Orlando on the phone! There's plenty of great music and jingles along the way, and oh yeah - I'm pretty sure I had way too much coffee on this night. It's a little trip back to the crazy, hazy days of 32 years ago...enjoy! - Pete


What would Independence Day be without a marathon 4th of July show from The Brooklyn Station? Certainly not boring, that's for sure! That was definitely the case 32 years ago as it was also Liberty Weekend and the city was abuzz with celebrations and the sounds of The Hot One! There's all kinds of silliness plus live coverage of the fireworks (of course) and a whole lot more. Grab yourself a cold one and a mat of firecrackers and celebrate with us, 1980s-style. Enjoy!


This week we bring you a classic evening of insanity from Memorial Day 1987. Beginning shortly after the start of the broadcast, the night quickly evolves into madness when Hank and Tommy join Jim and Pete at the studio for some good old-fashioned mayhem that only slows down when the fellas depart to join Terry Walker for a few cocktails and slices of pizza (at Stromboli's, of course). Jim takes the con for the remainder of the show and takes us back to the golden days of Sheildsmania (remember them?) with an extended Jingles on Parade thrown in for good measure. There's enough in-jokes here (that are still funny) to fill an ice cream truck..and we probably tried. Enjoy!


Now that the big nor'easter is moving out (and the power is back on), I figured this would be a good time for a classic WHOT show that followed the great Nor'Easter of March 1984. The storm featured "hurricane-like" low pressure and wreaked havoc on the northeast. There's also a rare recording of "The Hank and Jim Show" from 1944! It's another full night of fun 'n games on The Brooklyn Station - enjoy!


This year marks an important day in the history of underground radio, the 40th anniversary of the first broadcast of WFAT Fat Radio! Having been off the air over a year since the WCPR-AM bust, Hank (Hal Hall) and Jim (Larry McRae) decided it was time to return to the airwaves. They did so with new call letters and DJ names to fill a niche missing at that time in New York: there were NO locally-originated late-night talk programming. Everything on the air at that time was a nationally-syndicated show. Thus, WFAT was born, providing an outlet for people to discuss issues of the day and hear some great tunes as well (with a signal that blanketed the east coast). WFAT would become a part of the New York radio scene right up until another FCC bust, this time in April of 1979 (and yes, if you are keeping score at home, WHOT would make it's debut just over a year later. You just can't keep good pirates down!). Thankfully, we have most of this historic broadcast (with a few additional minutes provided by a listener). Come with us back to New Year's Eve 40 years ago and get ready to ring in 1978 with us...!


Back at Christmastime of 1988, we decided to start a yearly tradition of presenting OUR version of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". The script was full of in-jokes, running gags and all sorts of things regular listeners would have laughed about. The idea was to update and change it every year to reflect what was going on at the time. Unfortunately, we'd never get the chance due to the FCC bust in July of '89. Thankfully, we have this ONE to enjoy - so sit back and enjoy Jim Nazium in the role he was born to play, Ebenezer Scrooge. God Bless Us, Everyone!


Here's a pretty loose (but very amusing) Christmas Show from 31 (yikes!) years ago, wrapping up a few consecutive days of extended holiday broadcasts. Among the things you don't usually hear on a HOT broadcast is Jim Nazium actually BREAKING a turntable, but this night was the exception! Hank arrives to join Jim (and the broken turntable), with Chuck Simpson soon after and a few studio guests along the way. Pete spends all night trying to get to the studio, only to arrive just in time for the sign-off (hey, better late than never, right?)! There's calls a-plenty and even a three-station simulcast of Hank and Jim performing "The Christmas Song"(!), plus some questionable station "staff" messages along the way for good measure. It's the standard fun holiday fare from your friends at The Brooklyn Station...enjoy!


Since we have a lot of people that are new to the WHOT Podcasts, I figured I'd repost this classic Thanksgiving Show from 1982, one of the oldest (near) complete broadcasts in the 'HOT archives (there's a box of pre-1983 tapes that has gone missing over the years...after I have a good cry over that, I remain optimistic that it will pop up under something one of these days). Apart from a few missing minutes here and there, the entire show is here - you'll hear what a day in the life of Hank and Jim was like in 1982, how they spent their Thanksgiving, a rare holiday appearance from the Rubbish Removal Team with a bunch of calls and requests thrown in for good measure. Grab some leftovers, a cup of cider and travel back 35 years with us - enjoy!


**NSFW Warning**
A little back story: getting back into our 30-year anniversary theme, it was late October and we were still doing weekends on WNYG-AM in Babylon as the "Pirate Party" without any compensation. RNI was a long way away in the rear-view mirror and all of us were getting restless. The marriage with WNYG was rocky from the start and as of late had continued to sour. We made the decision to move on, and October 24th would be our last show on WNYG. By that point it was just Hank, Jim, Ivan and I still slogging along and the whole endeavor seemed pointless.
After a rather contentious last show, we headed back to Brooklyn. While enjoying some burgers at a local diner, the decision was made on the spot that WHOT should return to the airwaves immediately! The transmitters hadn't been turned on in months and a lot of tweaking needed to be done to get the station "air worthy" again, so we signed on with a "Test" broadcast to get the bugs out that very night! We had no idea what the FCC would be up to in the wake of RNI, so just for this test, we "borrowed" call letters from three famous stations: WKBW, KXOK and WABC, changing from one to the other as the mood struck. We also took the names of some rather dubious historical figures (you'll find out!) rather than throwing all the cards on the table right away (after all, we'd just been on WNYG doing a show hours earlier!).
The end result was the release of three months of built-up steam blasting out in a ferocious, politically-incorrect explosion of insanity! Being a test, we did not record this program but thank goodness a listener DID and provided us with these tapes. WHOT resumed "regular" broadcasts with the Halloween just show a week later, kicking off a period of memorable broadcasts that continued until the FCC bust in July of 1989. It's a crazy, crazy party and you are there amidst the chaos - enjoy!