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In honor of Hank and Jim's birthdays, this week we bring you a Brooklyn Station Birthday Show from 1984! There's a huge chunk of this show that has gone missing over the years (unfortunately) but still plenty of fun! The show starts with a sign-off (what?), Hank and Pete share tales of the recent Beatlefest, there's a preview of the upcoming 4th Anniversary Show, and Jim blows a fuse! Come back 33 years with us, the cake's still good. Enjoy!


This week's classic aircheck is the Easter show from 1984. I'd left a bunch of Beatles bootlegs at the studio for Jim to copy, so there's plenty of rare Fab Four! On this night, Ed Armstrong (Randi Steele) stopped by the WHOT studios for the first time (he'd been at the old WFAT studios many times, of course) to say hello and chat for a bit, a nice way to remember Randi today. Of course, there's even a brief trip back to 1944 because that's what you do when you have company. A nice reminder of some good times. Enjoy!


No one did holiday broadcasts quite like The Hot One, and Labor Day weekend was no exception! We had the AM and FM fired up for this one, so the entire East Coast is checking in while Hank, Jim and Pete go wild! There's occasional check-ins with the telethon (gotta keep an eye on the competition!) and lots of great music as this show is presented in just about it's entirety. The Monkees were back, both on TV and on tour and the shows at the time reflected that with plenty of Monkees music! Fire up the BBQ and swing with The Brooklyn Station!


This week we travel back 33 (gasp!) years to a classic HOT broadcast that has a little bit of everything! There are plenty of Ramblin' Root Beers flowing, a look ahead to the upcoming appearance of Halley's Comet, more in-jokes than you can shake a stick at, a few guitar jams, some Super-Slo-Mo and of COURSE a trip back to 1944. So technically, we're also going back 73 years! It's a little bit of mid-summer insanity presented in only the way The Brooklyn Station could. Grab a cold root beer and enjoy!


Thirty years ago on this very day Hank and Jim did their first (and unfortunately, last) broadcast on Radio New York International, a test show from 6PM to Midnight ET on four frequencies: 1620 AM, 103.1 FM, 6240 SW and 190 LW. This was the fifth straight day of test broadcasting from the Radioship Sarah, a week filled with media, madness and many trips from ship to shore...alas, it was also the last. Early the next morning of July 28, 1987 the FCC and Coast Guard ignored the international waters boundary and boarded The Sarah to dismantle the RNI equipment, thus putting an end to the brief but historic run of the first offshore U.S. pirate station. After a week of local and national TV, print and radio attention, the Hank and Jim test show received the largest amount of reception reports collected. Despite the premature end of RNI (and the unsettled period that followed), it ensured that the Summer of 1987 was one to remember! The complete program is presented here, so close your eyes and take yourself back to those crazy days 30 years ago. Bring some Drammamine (just in case)!


At the same time that we were on WHOT doing our "Goodbye for RNI" show, Ivan was rocking and rolling on RNI, doing a special late-night test of the backup / auxiliary AM transmitter at 530 AM (along with the usual compliment of FM, SW and LW signals)! At the start of this aircheck you can hear Allan Weiner signing off the regular AM transmitter at 1620 AM and Ivan picking things up a few minutes later and wrapping a busy fourth day of broadcasting from the Radioship Sarah!


This week we mark the 30th Anniversary of Radio New York International with some special classic airchecks! Today we bring you what was expected to be the final "farewell" show for WHOT. Radio New York International had been broadcasting for four straight days with test programs at 6PM-Midnight and Hank and Jim were scheduled to make their debut on RNI the next evening, July 27, 1987. With that in mind we decided to do a "final farewell" show for all the HOT listeners, while also giving them a heads-up about the "transition" to RNI. The plan at this point was for Hank and Jim to do mornings and for ME to do middays starting August 1st...but it was not to be. As we know, the FCC (ignoring that little "international waters" thing) boarded and busted RNI the morning after Hank and Jim's test show on July 28th. WHOT returned to the airwaves in October (after a short but fruitless stint doing weekends at WNYG-AM in Babylon, NY) but for all we knew on THIS night, it was "goodbye" - for now!